Here’s where you’ll find information on what we’re producing and where you can find it. We produce and farm what we think there’s a need and want for in the area, what we like to grow and raise, and what we think that the land will benefit from. Right now it’s Pasture-Raised non-GMO Chicken and Eggs. We also now offer our 100% grass-fed Icelandic lamb, and we’ll have our first harvest of forest grown shiitake mushrooms come spring!


Little Song Farm Pasture raised chicken eggs
Little Song Farm Pasture raised chicken eggs

Our eggs are from hens who have full access to our field. They are moved every week to a different section of the pasture, following grazing of the goats and sheep. They are fed custom mixed non-GMO grains and beans grown in Hardwick, just 45 minutes from our farm. They are not graded, nor sized, and are washed only if soiled.

Brook’s Bend Farmstand

Come visit the farmstand at 119 Old Sunderland Road. Here you can find our eggs, chicken, and lamb, as well as Sage Farm Pork. Eggs are $6/dozen at the farm stand. If you pay for at least 4 dozen eggs/month in advance, you pay $5/dozen. To do this there’s a separate clipboard in the farmstand. Put your name down, and in the month we’re in put a number in your row that corresponds with the amount of dozen you paid for. When you take eggs put a tally mark next to that number until you have that number of tally marks. Then you know to put some more money in and write a new number.

Red Fire North

We have begun to offer our beautiful blue and brown shelled non-GMO eggs at the new farmstore on Rt. 63 in Montague. Check out the delicious baked goods they make in house and various produce and value-added products from around the Valley.

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Pasture Raised Heritage ChickenThese broilers are raised on pasture in pens moved daily. In addition to the greens and grubs the chickens forage for, they are fed the same local, non-GMO feed that the layers get.

The Farmstand at Brook’s Bend

We sell our chicken whole and by the different cuts in the freezer at the farmstand.

Brookfield Farm

During the growing season you can find our Pasture-Raised, non-GMO chicken in the freezer at Brookfield Farm.

Dine Out!

We’re proud to be working with two awesome, localĀ eating establishments to offer our chicken lovingly prepared by skilled chefs. Be on the look out for our chicken featured at:

Wheelhouse Farm Food, events at various farms throughout the valley!

Belly of the Beast, Northampton