Ryan started Little Song Farm as an exploration of the intersection of Food, Money, Community, Land, Lifestyle, and Practice. He started it to scream YES! to life, to wild abundance. He started it to bring people together, to open hearts and minds, to imagine and realize possibilities. He started it as an invitation, as a small song that sings “Come, let’s share our gifts, our abundance as we go round the sun!” He started it to pay for this vision.

Currently Little Song Farm’s focus is Pasture-Raised Chicken. That’s our bread and butter. We sell this three ways: the farm stand at Brook’s Bend Farm, the farm store at Brookfield Farm, and to a select few restaurants.

We love having work days, because we get work done but no one notices it’s work. In fact, people complain that they didn’t work hard enough all the while fascinated by the work that got done.

We’ve been known to have dinner parties for those who come and help. We love dinner parties because we love cooking and we love feeding people. Maybe you’ll serve a Little Song at your next dinner party.

Finally, we are committed to working within the limits of the place, to deal honestly and openly in our business transactions, to prioritize life, connection, health of the whole, and multi-generational resiliency, and to celebrate the beautiful mystery that we find ourselves all a part of.

We want to be a farm that feeds the community. In this way, we have to balance what we know how to grow and raise with what the neighborhood wants. Please be in touch about ideas and desires for what you want growing in your neighborhood. We also want the food produced on the farm to be accessible to a diversity of people, and to that end we are happy to work with you to make it more affordable (we’ve offered subsidized accounts payed for by other community members, bulk discounts, and will consider other arrangements based on need). This relates particularly to people who have been historically discriminated against including families of color or white folks who come from historical/ongoing economic disadvantage.

Little Song Farm