Little Song Farm- pasture raised chickens and farm fresh eggs.

The Farm

Welcome to Little Song Farm. We’re a small diversified farm currently tending animals and land in at Brook’s Bend Farm in Montague Center, MA.



We’re currently focused on raising Icelandic Sheep on pasture for the most delicious pasture-raised lamb you will ever eat. These animals are 100% grass-fed and finished, and we practice intensive rotational grazing, meaning that the sheep get moved often to high-quality forage, which grows beautiful healthy lambs and allows the pasture to rest and improve with each growing season.

We use Icelandic Sheep for our breeding stock and a Texel Ram as our terminal sire. Both of these breeds are highly prized for their meat quality. We use the Icelandic because they are excellent mothers, offering generous amounts of quality milk to their lambs, and are beautiful and produce wonderfully colored wool. The Texel ram gives our lambs a more full-bodied muscling, producing meaty, high-quality lamb.

Lamb Shares Available!